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This page offers a guide for parents as they prepare for the 2024 camp season. Check our FAQ page if there are additional questions, or contact us directly if you still need information.

General Info

Camper Check-in: Our staff will be ready to begin registration at 4:00 PM on Sunday. When you arrive at camp you will:

  • Go to the Upper entrance to camp for the drive through registration. (You will be directed by staff where to go when you arrive at camp.)

  • Be welcomed by Camp MiVoden Staff.

  • Your luggage will be transported to the cabin area.

  • You will be directed to your first check where you will be given your registration card that will be Green, Yellow or Red based on what registration stations you will need to stop by.

  • Next you will get your registration summary sheet. You will be asked some medical questions, then you will stop at the stations that would apply to you, for example: payment, nurse, and store deposit.

  • Green means you have completed all of your registration before your arrival.

  • Yellow means you must stop by the Nurses Station to complete paperwork or drop off medications.

  • Red means you have money due and possible other documents that need your signature.


Camper Check-out: Please plan to pick up your child at 8:00 AM Sunday morning. When arriving to pick up your child please sign him or her out with their individual counselor.  If you arrive after 10:00 AM, proceed to Maple Auditorium to check out your child from the staff on duty. Child care is available until 3:00 PM for those who are not able to pick up their campers on time. To better assist us in planning, we request that arrangements be made in advance by calling our office at 509-242-0506. Children not picked up by 10:00 AM will go into child care. Child care is $10 per hour for early arrival or late departure.


Cell Phone & Emergency Communication

Camp MiVoden desires to partner with parents in providing a safe atmosphere for campers. To avoid inappropriate use of cell phones with recording devices, we ask that cell phones be left with parents. Cell phones can be a distraction and detract from the overall camp experience. We ask for your support in helping us preserve our unique camp atmosphere. Campers found in possession of a cell phone will be asked to turn it into the office where it can be picked up at the end of the week by the parents. Emergency communication needs can be arranged by contacting the office at 509-242-0506.


Food Packages:

Well-balanced, delicious vegetarian meals are served three times daily in the Melvin Oss Dining Hall. We ask that you keep the candy you send with your child to a minimum because excess sugar can bring down a child’s resistance to sickness and in some children, it affects their behavior negatively. 

Mail Call:

Campers love letters and packages! Send them early in the week, stating which camp they’re attending. Mailing address: Camp MiVoden, 17415 E. Hayden Lake Rd., Hayden Lake, ID 83835. E-mails are delivered with daily mail. Send correspondence to with your camper’s name and camp in the “Subject” area.



Send medications and vitamins in original bottles along with dosage instructions. All medications and vitamins must be given to the Camp Nurse upon Check In. Make sure to list all your medications on your medical release. 


MiVoden Camp Store:

Visit our Camp Store for shirts, souvenirs and toys plus so much more. We recommend that your child deposit their spending money in the camp bank for safekeeping. Adequate spending money amount is usually around $30-$60.


Packing List:

  • Bible                                        

  • Everyday Clothes (no short-shorts)

  • Long Pants                             

  • Nice clothes for Friday night

  • Warm Jacket                         

  • Flip Flops (for shower and beach)

  • Soap & Comb                        

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Flashlight                               

  • Towels & Washcloth

  • Sleeping Bag                         

  • Pillow

  • Swimsuit (modest 1-piece-female)

  • Sneakers (closed-toe shoes)

  • Water Bottle                         

  • Sunscreen

Visit the following links to view the packing lists for our Ultimate Camps.


What Not to Bring:

Electronic tablets, electronic games, audio/visual devices, personal sports equipment, cars, pets, foods or snacks, tobacco products, fireworks, matches, weapons, alcoholic drinks, drugs (other than prescribed by a physician) or illegal substances. (This includes cannabis.) If you bring these items, they will be confiscated and may be returned to you at the end of the week! Please note: we will ask that you not swim if you are wearing a two-piece swimsuit. For safety, we ask that you leave any jewelry at home. Thank you for your cooperation!


Each week during summer camp the camp is full so we ask that if at all possible don't visit your camper during the week as we do not have enough space at camp to accommodate all visitors! 


Youth Camp Refund Policy:

Any cancelations should be reported immediately by phone in order to give other campers an opportunity to attend. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. All payments are due 3 weeks before all Youth Camps unless payment arrangements have been made.  There will be no refunds, after three weeks before the camp date. There are no refunds for “no shows.”

Directions to Camp



From Spokane, take I-90 east to US Highway 95 north (Sandpoint exit 12). Go north on 95 for about 6.2 miles to Lancaster Rd. (There is the Huckleberry Nursery on the right just before Lancaster Rd). Turn east (right) at Lancaster Road. Cross N. Government Way staying on Lancaster Rd. for about 3.8 miles at which point it becomes E. Hayden Lake Rd. Stay with this paved road for about 7.5 more miles as it winds around the lake to the camp entrance which is on the right just after the Mokins Bay forest service campground and N. Mokins Bay Road. There is a large stone sign at the entrance to camp, on E. Hayden Lake Rd.




From I-90 Take US 95 N. (Exit 12) toward Sandpoint/Canada and go approximately 3.7 miles to W. Honeysuckle Ave. - turn Right. Proceed .7 miles to E. Honeysuckle Ave and turn left. Proceed .3 miles on E. Honeysuckle Ave to E. Hayden Lake Rd and turn right. Continue on E. Hayden Lake Rd. for about 11.5 miles to the camp entrance on your left (there will be a large stone sign at the bottom of a hill when the road is right next to the lake that says Camp MiVoden.

Address: 17415 E Hayden Lake Road, Hayden Lake, ID 83835-8509


Please note that the GPS directions to this address will not take you to the main entrance.

Camp MiVoden Bus Schedule


The MiVoden Bus departs camp each Sunday at 9 am during our youth camps and makes a round-trip to Walla Walla, the Tri-Cities, and Spokane. Its exact schedule can vary due to road and traffic conditions. Please arrive early to pick-up and drop-off your child, as the driver will not wait for late arrivals. All fares are round-trip. Sorry, no one-way discounts. Any questions or needing assistance please call 509.242.0506 (Camp Office). In case of an emergency that effects the pick-up or drop-off times, you will be notified by email from the Camp Office.


Camp MiVoden Bus Schedule: CLICK HERE!!!


Camp MiVoden Transportation Safety Rules:

  1. There will always be at least two staff members (male, female, if both camper genders are represented) on each trip. Campers should not load or unload a vehicle, until they have been advised by a staff member.

  2. Noise level should be such as to not distract the driver. There should be no throwing of objects or other disruptive behavior.

  3. During refueling, everyone will be required to exit the vehicle and will not be allowed to re-board until directed to do so by the driver.

  4. In the event of a breakdown, no one will be evacuated from the vehicle unless staying in the vehicle poses a threat to the safety of the passengers.

  5. Campers and staff should be seated safely within the proper limits and design of the vehicle, and asked to wear safety belts when provided.

  6. Before each trip, passengers will be alerted to the location and use of the emergency exits and how to sit and behave properly in the vehicle.

  7. All trash is to be disposed of properly.

  8. Contact Number Camp: 509.242.0506

Bus Schedule
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