We are excited to announce that Camp MIVoden is a “go” for this summer, and we can’t wait for our campers to show up! Things will look a bit different this year as we implement precautions and safety protocol due to living in an era of COVID-19. Our staff will be working hard to minimize the risk of infection while maintaining the charm of the MiVoden experience. We’ll be sending out more information over the next few weeks through our website, social media accounts, and email lists to help you know what is happening this summer.  We look forward to running camp this summer and seeing many of you at MiVoden!


Given the changes in schedule, registration process, and summer camp operations due to Covid-19, we know that there will be many questions. In order to avoid overloading our office staff during a very busy time, please take a look at our FAQ page to see if you can find answers to your questions. If not, feel free to contact us by phone or email and we’ll get you answers just as quickly as possible. We will continue to update this page with additional information as it becomes available and as needed to meet the needs of the MiVoden community.


Q. Is MiVoden offering camps this summer?

Great news folks! We will be hosting both kid’s camps and family camps this summer. Things will look a bit different as we will be utilizing a modified schedule with implementation of precautions and safety protocol due to COVID-19. However, our staff will be working hard to reduce risk while maximizing the MiVoden experience.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All operations are subject to recommendations put forth by the CDC, Panhandle Health Department and the American Camp Association. While we we have made the decision to move forward with plans for the summer, our operations could be suspended or canceled at any time if the recommendation is made by these entities.

Q. What is the schedule for the summer program?

Due to the stages of re-opening in the state of Idaho, we have had to change the dates for kids camps. Our first camp July 12-17 will combine Adventure, Junior, and Teen camps. Starting the next week of July 20-24, we will be running our regularly scheduled family camps with simultaneous kid’s camps at some of our outpost locations. See our Summer Camps page for more info.

Q. Are there changes to the weekly schedule?

In order to maintain the necessary precautions and sanitization procedures, as well as give staff a day off, we will be running 5 day camps instead of 7 day camps this summer. Campers will show up Sunday afternoon and leave on Friday afternoon.


Q. What is MiVoden doing about Covid-19?

Camp MiVoden is taking the health and safety of guests very seriously. Working with guidelines recommended by the CDC, Panhandle Health Department, and the American Camp Association we have put together a plan to minimize the potential health risk to our guests. This summer there will be significant changes to our operations (dinning, housing, sanitization, scheduling, utilization of cohort groups, etc.) to insure we are at the forefront of industry standards. The camp experience will be different and we appreciate your patience as all of us adapt to life with Covid-19. We will be posting a link to a document with a complete list of precautions we will be taking in the near future.

- More info coming soon.

Q. What if I’ve been sick or have been in contact with someone who has?

If you are currently exhibiting symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is exhibiting Covid-19 like symptoms in the last two weeks, we ask that you stay home.

Q. What if I come from a “hotspot” area with a lot of Covid-19 patients?

We are asking those who come from any region that has been identified as a “hot spot” not attend camp unless they have had the ability to self-quarantine for two weeks in a low risk location.

Kid's Camp

Scheduling changes and modifications to camp operations have required us to modify our registration procedure. Those who were signed up for summer camp prior to the Covid-19 disruptions will have their spot reserved. We will be calling each one of our registered guests to confirm their ability to attend under the new format. Following this process registration for available spots will be opened up through for everyone else. Announcements will be made through email, social media, and our website regarding changes in registration status. Thank-you for your patience as do our best to streamline the process.

Q. I have registered already but how do I pay?

To pay for a prior registration or make any changes to your account you will need to log in to your Ultracamp account. Follow the link to the login page.

Q. I have registered for camp but am unable to attend. What should I do?

A representative will be calling you soon to discuss options for camp under our new format. In the event that the registered camper is unable to attend, you will be presented with options including bumping your registration to next year, obtaining a full refund or making a donation to help us continue to provide our ministry in challenging times.

Q. What if I haven't registered for camp yet?

Registration for the remaining spots in our summer camp program will be opening on June 8 at 9:00 am. It will be on a first come, first served basis. Due to the timeline for the stages of re-opening in Idaho we have had to push our start date back by two weeks. While we are thankful to be able to operate, this has decreased the number of available spots for campers in our summer program. With several of our sister camps closing for the summer, this has also increased the demand. Because of these factors we can’t guarantee a spot to everyone who applies. It breaks our hearts to turn kids away, and we are doing everything we can to allow the maximum number of kids to have the camp experience at MiVoden this summer.

Family Camp

Family camps, with the exception of Family 3, will be held on the original week they were scheduled. (see modified 2020 summer camp schedule) Our representatives will be contacting each family to confirm their ability to attend and answer any questions. While we expect to preserve the charm of the MiVoden camp experience, there will be some significant modifications to operations, programming and scheduling. We ask that you review our Covid-19 precautions and procedures (Coming Soon...) so that you know what to expect when you arrive.

Q. What's going on with Registration?

If you are already registered for family camp, a representative will be contacting you to confirm your ability to attend and answer any questions. Prior to Covid-19 our family camps were full. However, we expect that there will be some spots that become available as we all deal with the challenges presented by the pandemic. Once we have completed our confirmation process registration will be opened for these remaining spots and announcements will be made via email, social media, and our website.

Q. I have registered already but how do I pay?

To pay for a prior registration or make any changes to your account you will need to log in to your Ultracamp account. Follow the link to the login page.

Q. What changes should I expect to family camp operations?

A couple of the notable changes in family camp structure are the use of cohorts and the five day camp week. In order to minimize risk campers will be placed in a cohort that they will belong to for the week. Socialization within this cohort will not be limited, though we still recommend the utilization of physical distancing. However, campers will be asked to minimize contact with other cohorts during their time at camp to decrease the risk of spreading Covid-19. This practice is recommended by the CDC and ACA as best practice for camps. We will also be utilizing a five day camp week instead of seven due to the increased workload required from our staff.


Q. Will MiVoden be hosting retreats following the summer camp season?

Absolutely. We are excited about continuing our ministry to rental and retreat groups in the fall. We will continue to maintain contact with the groups that are currently scheduled and are actively seeking to fill openings in late August, September, and October. We have developed an email campaign to maintain contact with our rental groups, though which we will notify them of availabilities and keep them up to date on the MiVoden Story.

Q. Is our retreat registration still valid?

Yes. We will be contacting each of our rental groups to answer any questions and to keep them informed as we approach the fall season. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your upcoming or new reservation.

Q. Are there any available dates for our retreat/rental group?

Yes, we actively seeking larger groups of up to 150-250 for some select weeks/weekends in late August, September, and October for our main camp area. Groups of a smaller size will be added to our waiting list and will be contacted 8 weeks in advance if no larger reservations are secured. Contact our retreat department to find out more.


Q. What are the High and Low seasons for Retreat Rentals of main camp?


High season refers to registrations made for the months of August, September, October in the fall and April, May, June in the Spring. Because these dates tend to be in higher demand for retreats, preference will be given to the larger groups (150+) to reserve the main camp area. Smaller groups will be added to a waiting list and will be contacted 8 weeks in advance if no larger reservations are secured.

Q. What precautions are being put in place for the rental/retreat season?

We take the health and safety of our guests very seriously. We also understand that the Covid-19 situation continues to change on a weekly basis. Our response to the pandemic is based on guidelines set for by the CDC, local health department, and ACA. We won’t try and guess what the recommendations will be for the fall season, but can assure you that we monitor the situation on the daily basis and adjust our procedures and policies as needed. We will continue to maintain contact with our rental/retreat groups through email, social media and our website with more direct correspondence as we draw closer to the reservation dates.


Summer camp is a go for this season, and we are so excited you are considering being a part of the MiVoden story. Camp ministry is now more vital than ever, and it doesn’t happen without quality staff. If you have already been hired, we will be communicating with you to provide information regarding adjustments to employment necessitated by Covid-19. We do anticipate that we will have some additional openings when all is said and done, and we will need some quality people to join our team.

Q. Will camp in 2020 be different than past summers?

This summer will look different from past years. Changes to dinning, lodging, and general operations will be necessary in order for us to comply with best practices for minimizing risk. We aren’t going to lie; it will require flexibility and from our staff and there will be challenges. However, we also believe that those who choose to be a part of our story will have an amazing summer that they will never forget. Our leadership is committed to supporting our staff as they carry on the ministry of connecting campers to Christ.

Q. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. Once we know what our areas of need are, we will be opening up the application process through this website. We’d love to have the opportunity to hear your story and why you’d like to join ours. We will be announcing details regarding the application process through email, social media, and on the website so check back for additional details.

Q. What is the new camp schedule like?

More coming soon!

Q. How should I prepare for this summer as a staff?

More coming soon!


Camp MiVoden, a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, sits along the shores of Hayden Lake in Northern Idaho. We've been sharing Jesus with campers and families since 1940.


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